About the Commission:

The Commission is responsible for advancing and preserving the Heritage sector in the Kingdom by proposing a sector strategy within the framework of the national strategy for culture and following up on its implementation after its approval by the Ministry. In addition, it will propose draft laws and regulations required by the commission’s work nature, amend the applicable ones, and submit them to the Ministry to complete the statutory procedures.

The Commission will support efforts aimed at developing the national heritage, raising awareness and generating interest in it, and preserving it from extinction. Besides, encouraging financing and investment in areas related to the Commission's mandate, proposing standards and guidelines for the heritage sector, and encouraging individuals, institutions and companies to produce and develop content in the sector.

The Commission is also responsible for holding training courses, adopting professional training programs and certification bodies for training, developing educational programs and providing scholarships for talents in the field in coordination with the relevant bodies, supporting the protection of intellectual property rights, licensing activities related to the Commission’s scope of work, and creating a database for the heritage sector. The Commission’s scope of work also includes organizing and holding local and international conferences, exhibitions, events and competitions within the competence of the Commission, and participating in them in coordination with the relevant authorities, and in accordance with the followed procedures. Furthermore, the Commission will establish or engage in partnerships with companies in accordance with the followed statutory procedures, and participate in associations, organizations, regional and international authorities, and other bodies related to the Commission's competencies after coordination with the Ministry. This is along with representing the Kingdom in regional and international bodies, organizations and forums related to the Commission's competencies.



Honoring Saudi Arabia’s heritage as a cultural treasure and message to the world.



Protect, manage, and enable innovation and sustainable development for all cultural heritage elements.





Dr. Jasser Suleiman Al-Harbash worked as supervisor of the Saudi National Handi-crafts Program and served as Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education for Missions, and Supervisor General of the Cultural Attachés Offices. He also held the po-sition of CEO of the General Authority for Tourism and National Heritage in Al-Qassim.

He holds an MA and PhD in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of Connecticut, USA. Dr. Al-Harbash chairs the Heritage Commission, which aims to effectively develop the Kingdom's heritage properties and promote research activities related to national heritage.


Message from the CEO

The Heritage Commission website represents an important window for introducing the heritage sector and the role of the country and society in its development, rehabilitation and utilization. Heritage in its general sense has multiple facets and is not limited to tangible material aspects. It includes handicrafts and traditional practices and extends to customs and traditions within its broader framework. All of which places a great national responsibility and greater challenges before the Heritage Commission, which require us to work devotedly to fulfill the confidence of HH the Minister of Culture, and to achieve the goals that the Ministry of Culture aspires from a specialized Heritage Commission.

The Heritage Commission is interested in cooperating with activists in the field both individuals and institutions in various regions of the Kingdom and working with them integratively, as we appreciate all the efforts made by activists and our role is to support, encourage and stimulate these efforts.

The Commission's work will comply with the general framework of the National Strategy for Culture, in line with the Saudi Vision 2030, and in accordance with best international practices that deal with national heritage not only as a cultural product but also as an economic product that generates job opportunities and contributes to the national GDP. There is no doubt that we are confident in the Commission’s ability to serve the national heritage as aspired relying on a number of factors, the first of which is the rich heritage of the Kingdom, the numerous activists in it, and the broad base of those interested in the field. This gives us an important and great starting point for initiating the project to develop and maintain the national heritage. The second factor is the great support that we received from HH the Minister of Culture, and his keenness to serve the national heritage with its cultural symbolism and national identity. This puts me with my team in the Commission under great responsibility to translate this support into tangible heritage achievements, in addition to the growth of social awareness regarding the necessity of preserving and maintaining cultural heritage.