The Heritage Commission was established in February 2020.

The role of the Heritage Commission is to support efforts to preserve national heritage, by enhancing conservation methods, raising awareness, encouraging interest, and supporting the development of the sector and its practitioners.

Preserving our heritage as a cultural treasure and a message to the world.

Promote the protection, innovation, and sustainable development of the components of  our cultural heritage.

Dr. Jasser Suleiman Al-Harbash is the CEO of the Heritage Commission.

  1.  Actively manage the portfolio of Saudi heritage assets.

  2. Foster heritage research and develop talent within the sector.

  3. Deploy the latest technologies.

  4. Implement appropriate laws and regulations and run licensing.

  5. Engage extensively with the private sector.

  6. Secure government & international agency funding.

  7. Raise awareness and promote national heritage.

  8. Engage through local and international partnerships.