Al Masmak

General information

Located in the heart of the old quarter in Riyadh city, Al Masmak — the word means a high, strong and thick building — was built during the reign of Imam Abdullah bin Faisal bin Turki Al Saud.
Al-Masmak Fortress is one of the most prominent national monuments still standing to this day. It was the scene of the battle to restore Riyadh by His Majesty King Abdulaziz, may his soul rest in peace, and its gate still preserves some traces of that battle, particularly Bin Jalawi’s spearhead mark. Today, the fortress contains a museum dedicated to the story of the unification of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which divides into 6 main parts: the fortress’s gate on the western side, the mosque to the left of the entrance, the majlis facing the entrance, the well on the northeastern side, the towers in each of its four corners, and the courtyard surrounded by rooms with interconnected columns. Also, Al Masmak included 3 Residential units, the ruler's residence, the treasury, and the guesthouse.