Abdulkarim Al-Humaid, New committees serve as operational tools for MOC project


MOC spokesman, Abdulkarim Al-Humaid, confirmed that the new cultural committees are intended to fulfill the needs of the Saudi cultural sector and its affiliates. They will work to increase the organization and effectiveness of the cultural sector by raising managing sub-cultural sectors efficiency through these specialized committees, each of which will assume its own field.Al-Humaid added that the Saudi cultural sector is expanding to highlight the need of specialization and focus that cultural committees will provide efficiently and effectively, “and every field of creativity has its own requirements for development and growth. This is what the new cultural committees will work to achieve." Pointing out that the management of cultural activity has specialized in completing the desired outputs of higher quality and that they meet the needs of the cultural sectors and their employees, as each field of creativity has its own administration that seeks to develop it according to its own needs. The presence of specialized cultural committees in the Kingdom keeps up with the modern methods of managing cultural activity and increases the capabilities of each cultural sector separately."Al-Humaid explained that the presence of these committees dedicated to support the sub-cultural sectors will work to enhance communication between cultural institutions and their public. This in turn will increase the opportunities for developing cultural fields and will provide greater opportunities to know the sector’s needs and facilitate meeting them in a way that ensures the achievement of the major goals of the MOC’s vision and directions.Al-Humaid concluded that MOC designed its project for advancing the local cultural sector according to a vision and directions with broad dimensions that include, in addition to the strategic vision, the implementation procedures of which cultural committees are the main title. Pointing out that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is experiencing a comprehensive cultural movement in light of the Kingdom's Vision 2030, and the new committees will contribute to organizing, supporting and enabling this movement to give cultural outputs that are worthy of the Kingdom's status and meet the needs of creators in all fields.

September 2, 2020 - 12:00