Dr. Jasir Al Harbash Appointed CEO of Heritage Commission


Minister of Culture Prince Badr bin Abdullah bin Farhan has appointed Dr. Jasir Al-Harbash as CEO of the Heritage Commission.The appointment comes in line with the ministry’s efforts to organize and develop the heritage sector and its practitioners.Al-Harbash has vast and rich experience in the heritage sector as he served as the general supervisor of the National Handicrafts Program (Bari), and participated with the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage (SCTH) in the establishment and operation of the program, as well as the implementation of the first phase’s projects, which included the draft of the national crafts system, the launching of the national register of artisans and craftsmen, and approving the establishment of the National Crafts Company.Al-Harbash, who has a master’s degree and a doctorate in computer engineering and sciences from the University of Connecticut in the US, has also contributed to founding Torathuna Social Responsibility Company, owned by Saudi Aramco, in addition to playing a part in projects for the documentation, marketing and institutional building of the crafts and handicrafts sector.The Heritage Commission is tasked with organizing and developing the heritage sector, such as building its development strategy, and following up on its implementation under the supervision of the Ministry of Culture, licensing heritage-related activities, laying down regulations for the sector, and encouraging financing and investment in areas related to the Commission’s work.The Commission will also organize training courses, in addition to supporting the protection of intellectual property rights in heritage-related areas.Launching a dedicated commission for heritage comes out of the ministry of Culture’s belief in the importance of preserving the tangible and intangible national heritage and developing it to stand as a civilizational symbol of the Kingdom’s history.  The Commission comes as one of 11 new cultural commissions launched by the ministry to manage and regulate the Saudi cultural sector.

May 4, 2021 - 12:00